Whether you’re a student looking to build your resume or new to the workforce, experience is key to landing a good job. If you don’t have it, seasonal jobs are a smart way to get it!

Throughout the year, businesses staff-up for many different needs, from taxes, tourism and hospitality, to sports venues and the holiday season. During these times, companies hire flexible staff to meet the increased demands of their business. This spells experience for you! How do you seize these opportunities? Partner with a staffing firm like Spherion. Here are some of the biggest seasonal hiring needs:     

  • Tax Season: (January - April) – Accounting and tax firms hire staff to get them through the busy tax season—from tax preparers, audit associates and tax advisors, to tax examiners and accountants. 
  • Tourism & Hospitality: (April - July) – Many hotels, tourist venues, dining and entertainment companies hire staff to support the influx of tourists during the summer months.
  • NCAA Football (August - December) – During football season, many universities hire special events staff to help with set-up, ticketing, parking, food, break-down and clean-up.
  • Holidays: (November - January) – The holiday season is the largest hiring season of all, with jobs ranging from warehouse, packing and shipping staff, to customer service, call center and retail sales representatives.

As a local staffing company, we know about seasonal opportunities in our area. More than a paycheck, these jobs offer many benefits, including:        

Work Experience. While seasonal jobs are only short stints of employment, they offer valuable experience you can use to build up your resume and qualify for future positions that require it. 

On-the-Job Training. Many seasonal jobs offer hands-on training, so you can earn while you learn. Plus, it will make you attractive to employers seeking candidates with those qualifications. 

Inside Connections. If you’re looking for a permanent position, a seasonal job may just open the door to a long-term opportunity. As you get to know people in the company, you’ll build your professional network and have an inside connection advocating for you. 

Ability to Try Out a Job. Not sure what you want to do? Seasonal jobs give you the opportunity to jump in and test the waters before you make a permanent decision.  

If you lack experience, look for a seasonal job and start building your resume!

about the author

Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing