What’s driving your career choices? For many, compensation and earnings potential is the number one influencer in their employment decisions. For others, stability is determining which direction they take. While nothing’s wrong with making a good income or seeking a steady career path, it has the potential to derail you from the greatest fulfillment of all—using your talents. 

Don’t ignore your talents.
What is that thing that you love to do? You know … that talent, ability or passion that makes you come alive whenever you do anything that taps into it? It could be an intrinsic quality or strength that defines you and makes you well-suited for a particular profession. Don’t ignore it. Whatever “it” is, it has the potential to make you very happy in your career—and your life.

Take inventory. Then, take action.
Maybe you’re not sure what your talents are. If that’s the case, a little bit of introspection is in order. Take time to be alone and think about the things that bring you the most satisfaction and enjoyment. Write them down and consider how you can integrate those things into your life. Maybe you can’t earn a living doing it right away, but you might be able to do something on the side that aligns with your interests. And, over the course of time, you can carve out a career path that plays to your talents.

Don’t let misguided conceptions about what you must do or must earn keep you from what you were designed to do. Stay true to your talents and you will discover real fulfillment in your career.

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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing