Take the initiative to say ‘thank you’ … you’ll be glad you did!

The interviewing process can be a bit of an obstacle course designed to prod and reveal your true capabilities. But, it’s not just the interview that determines how well you maneuver the course. What you do before, during and after an interview are all critical factors in the hiring equation! 

Sending a thank you letter does more than show you appreciate the interviewer’s time. It’s a golden opportunity to build rapport, highlight capabilities, and address potential concerns that may have arisen during the interview. And, it may just increase your chances of receiving a job offer!

Build rapport

As much as you might like to believe you are an unforgettable candidate, the truth is you are likely one in a sea of faces. While a strong interview can certainly cause you to stand out, a thank you letter takes it one step further and begins to build rapport with that individual. It’s a simple reminder that brings you back to mind and helps build the connection between the interviewer and yourself.

Highlight capabilities

You know the phrase, hindsight is 20/20? After an interview, you have a pretty good idea of what unique factors make you the ideal candidate for the job. It may be information you never touched on during the interview due to time constraints. A thank you letter is the perfect tool to inject key information about your strengths and skills that will gain the interviewer’s attention and give you a clear advantage over competing candidates.

Address potential concerns

Did anything come up that may have left the interviewer questioning your capabilities or qualifications? A thank you letter provides a great platform to address potential concerns that could prevent you from getting the job. For example, you may not have experience in one particular area, but you can point the interviewer to past experience that reveals your ability to learn quickly and achieve results.

If nothing else, sending a thank you letter demonstrates your professionalism. And, if you craft it carefully, it can also be the catalyst that moves you to the front of the candidate line, shouting I’m the one to hire!