The key to a winning interview is to make sure you’re not forgettable. Employers are looking for candidates that stand out from the crowd with more than just standard, run-of-the-mill answers. How you respond to their questions and relate to their needs will determine how distinctive you are. Here are three specific ways you can make sure the interviewer remembers you at the end of the day.

1.  Prepare to impress them

Don’t rely on your wonderful ability to wing it. Preparation is paramount to the impact you make. Get to know the company inside and out. Go deeper than surface-level web content. Read recent press releases for newsworthy topics. Search review sites for insight into their company culture. Do a Google search for interesting facts about the company. Then, when the interviewer asks you why you are a great fit for the job, weave this information into your answer and wow them with your well-crafted responses and knowledge of the company.

2.  Be a master storyteller

Anyone can answer a list of questions. But, if you want to be remembered, be a storyteller. When the interviewer asks you for an example of your skills, prepare a few stories that reveal several interesting insights about your ability to overcome challenges, creatively problem-solve, develop solutions, inject value, work well with others, lead a project and deliver outstanding results. This will add color, dimension and definition to your capabilities and captivate the interviewer with your story.

3.  Stay engaged in the interview

When you’re there, really be there. This is your one chance to win the interviewer over, so take every opportunity to do it. With every word, expression and action, demonstrate your passion for the job and the type of work it involves. Talk about your professional goals and how the position aligns with your desired career path. Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer and show them you are fully engaged in the conversation.

Once the interview is over, promptly follow-up with a personal thank you note or email that recollects key points of your conversation and why you’re a great fit for their company. If you do these things, you will leave an impression that’s hard to forget!

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Vicki Spencer


Spherion Marketing