What does it mean to be a valuable employee? Webster defines valuable as having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities; or being of great use or service. Does that define you as a worker? Whether you are soaring high or barely skimming the surface of the value spectrum, here are some principles that will help you become an invaluable resource in the workplace:

Be the best at what you do.

Whether your job involves answering the phone, operating equipment or managing an office, do the best job you can with what you’ve been given. Don’t gauge your effort on how meaningful you deem the task. Do everything to the best of your ability. It sends the message to your boss and others that you take pride in what you do and you don’t cut corners. And, when you do your job well, it makes you invaluable to those around you.

Be reliable.

Nothing will get you further in your career than a reputation for being reliable. Be the person everyone can count on—come what may—to get the job done. There will always be people who have a long list of reasons for why things don’t get done. And, assuredly they will not be the people the boss thinks of when opportunities for reward and recognition come. Sometimes, being reliable will mean you have to put in a few extra hours to make it happen. Don’t sweat it, your willingness and determination to get the job done will earn you a valuable reputation in the workplace—a prerequisite to promotion!

Say yes to new opportunities.

When you prove yourself to be a valuable employee, you will be given more opportunities—mainly, because people believe you have the skills and gumption to tackle new things. Don’t disappoint them. Granted you need to be wise with your time and prioritize what’s already on your plate. But, if you see the opportunity as a stepping stone in your career, don’t easily dismiss it. By saying yes, you may just find it leads to even better things.

Taken to heart, these simple principles can make you an invaluable employee with a bright future!