We were recently asked to share some insight regarding what would be beneficial for a job seeker as they start applying for work and look to stand out. Here's some of the advice we provided.

What should job seekers know about the current job market as they start applying for work?

At this point in time, COVID-19 is making an impact in one way or another across many industries; although verticals like Healthcare, IT and Customer Service are being impacted in different ways and still in need of candidates. Either way many businesses are having to make major operational changes and some individuals are now becoming job seekers and turning to temp work in order to earn and/or supplement their incomes. We encourage anyone in that position to connect with a staffing and recruiting agency, as typically this option can help them with finding local temp work opportunities and learn more about your skills sets and career and work goals. We also recommend checking out various career resources such as the American Job Center as they provide free help to job seekers for a variety of career and employee needs. It’s always good to review job data too, ensuring you are aware of potential opportunities. At Spherion we have market data so call your local office. It’s really best to talk with a local staffing and recruiting agency to discuss what these data points really mean.

What should they be doing to increase their odds of finding a job in this difficult environment?

Reach out to a staffing agency like Spherion and start building a relationship. By doing this, they could ultimately uncover a great opportunity that aligns to their current skills, uncover a new opportunity that they could be upskilled or reskilled for, or start the process to uncover/apply for future positions once the market rebounds. During these uncertain times, some employers will take a wait-and-see approach. The most optimistic companies will take advantage of this pocket of opportunity, regardless of temporary conditions, because no matter what happens, the best talent will always be in short supply. We encourage locals in need of work to reach out via phone or email to schedule a virtual appointment with Spherion. 

What will make them stand out to recruiters and hiring managers?

Be visible, meaning, reach out via social media, calls or emails. Make sure the recruiter and hiring managers know who you are and what your skills sets include. Next, make sure your resume or LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Once we get talking, tell us your story. Make sure we know your interests and strengths. We typically first find out a candidate’s background and get a feel for what might be the best industry for them based on their background and the openings we’re looking to hire for on behalf of our clients. One of the many qualities we look for in candidates is strong work ethic, especially during an unprecedented time when many of the positions we’re hiring for are critical to the supply chain and in industries with extremely high demand - -- such as healthcare, grocery, food distribution, packing, shipping, etc. – it’s imperative that we can trust you to always show up for work.

To continue to learn more, reach out to your local Spherion office. We are here to help.