Cultural fit is the degree to which an individual reflects a company’s core values, work environment and business goals. With clear ties to retention, engagement and performance, it is proving to be a top indicator of hiring success for employers. But, they’re not the only ones who stand to gain. Employees that work for a company where there’s a strong cultural fit are much happier, more committed and successful in their career.

Your personality will point you in the right direction

Consider this: If you have a personality that’s fit for a team environment where contributions are rewarded and creativity is valued, but you work for a company that’s sectioned off by cubicles, with formal job boundaries that tend to oppose new ideas, you’re probably not very happy in your job. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why.

Conversely, if you worked for an employer with an open floor plan that regularly recognizes and rewards great work, and encourages employees to share creative ideas, you would probably love your job and be fully engaged in helping them achieve their goals.

That’s the big idea behind cultural fit

We each have distinct personalities and when we pair them to a job that allows our individual strengths and capabilities to shine, work becomes very gratifying. We win. Our employer wins. And, we’re set up to do great things in our career.

If you’re working in a job that’s a mismatch to your personality, don’t dismiss its importance. Maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities and begin the quest for a job with a strong cultural fit—your career happiness hinges on it!


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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing