Spring is in full bloom. Everywhere you look, something is sprouting or blossoming. What about your career? Is it producing the kind of healthy growth you desire? If not, find out what’s stunting your career growth and nip it in the bud!

Are you planted in the right soil?

Ask yourself, “Am I in the right job?” It’s a basic question, but your answer can have profound implications on to your growth and future potential. If you are mismatched to a job that is making you miserable, you are not going to flourish. For this reason, it’s important to periodically assess your job satisfaction and professional goals to ensure you are in a place where you can thrive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a list of 30 occupations with the largest projected employment growth between 2010 and 2020. Something to consider if you’re ready for a change!

Are you getting enough sunshine?

Just like plants that use the sun’s energy to fuel their growth, you need to make sure you are drawing energy from the right resources to stimulate your growth. Are you getting enough exposure to new challenges, people and projects to make your talents visible to others? Do you have a mentor that can spur you on when you’re getting stagnant? If not, seek out the things that will energize your career and keep you on the pathway to growth.

Do you need a little water?

Withholding water from a plant is the quickest way to kill it—and it’s no different with a job void of refreshment. If your lack of work/life balance is burning you out, it’s time for some rest and relaxation. By taking a little “me time” you’ll find the refreshment you need to keep going—and growing!

Give your career the environment, energy and refreshment it needs to grow healthy and strong!