When you go to work, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether it’s safe or not. As a staffing company that places more than 160,000 people in jobs ever year, we take safety seriously!

In recognition of National Safety Month, Spherion® would like to share some of the measures we take to ensure workers stay safe on the job and the important part employees play in the prevention process.

Our Part in Keeping Workers Safe

As a recipient of the Safety Standard of Excellence mark, Spherion doesn’t just talk about safety, we demonstrate it in tangible ways. Our Safety First program takes a 360-degree approach to ensuring the safety of every employee. Before we place a candidate on the job, we conduct a thorough site inspection to learn about the work environment, potential hazards and the job they will perform. Prior to starting, candidates must complete our Safety First video training designed to raise awareness of workplace safety. We also offer customized safety orientations based upon each client’s needs. And, our dedicated safety experts work with each client to maximize safety on every front. When you work with Spherion, you can rest assured, we go to great lengths to keep you safe!

Your Part in the Safety Equation

As an employee, you play a major part in workplace safety. Accidents are just that; no one anticipates them but a preventative mindset and safe work habits can significantly reduce them. Here are six things you can do to stay safe on the job:

1. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see a potential hazard, take appropriate action before it becomes a problem.

2. Focus on the job at hand. If you are distracted in any way, it’s easy to make a mistake which can result in an injury.

3. Know your limits. If you are tired and it is impairing your ability to do your job, take a break and get your bearings before you continue.

4. Wear protective gear. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Always wear the proper protective gear when performing your job. If an incident occurs, it could save your life.

5. Follow instructions. If a piece of machinery or equipment you are using has safety guidelines posted, take the time to read them carefully. If operating instructions are missing, take the initiative to have them re-posted.

6. Take immediate action. If an accident does occur, responsiveness and timing is critical. Be empowered to take action and report it immediately.

Safety is a shared responsibility. When employers and employees work together toward a common goal, the result is a safer, more productive workplace.


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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing