Learn How to Hire the Best

Below are five ways you can effectively boost your recruiting and hiring results:

Align the hiring goals.

Too often, there is lack of understanding about the hard and soft skills required to succeed in the role, leading to wasted recruiting efforts and unqualified candidates. Your hiring manager and HR manager must be aligned.

Create a culture that attracts top players.

In the latest Emerging Workforce® Study, 78 percent of workers said their personal connection with a company’s culture and values will determine whether or not they accept a job. This means you need to spotlight your culture. Updating your job description is a great place to start.

Build a positive online reputation.

Research reveals 65 percent of professionals believe a company’s online reputation is equally as important as the offer they are given. Start looking at your online reviews and ask your employees to give a review.

Don’t forget about the passive candidate.

We recruit top-tier talent, and the majority of them are passive candidates. There are many benefits of why you want to work with this group. Make sure they see your job posting.

Make sure your salaries are on target.

Money is the number one motivator in workers’ employment decisions. That’s not all. Pay has the power to impact every part of the employment lifecycle, from attracting and recruiting candidates to hiring, engaging and retaining top talent. Know how your salary compares and adjust if needed.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it hits on the biggest areas impacting the recruiting process today. In the midst of one of the toughest talent markets we’ve seen, employers must be vigilant in their efforts to effectively recruit, hire and retain top performers.

With job growth at an all-time high and unemployment at a record low, the ability to recruit and hire skilled talent is by far the biggest challenge facing businesses.

This means recruiting and hiring methods must be strategic, smart, thorough and well-executed in order to win the attention and interest of candidates. As a leading professional staffing firm, we can provide clear insight into what it takes to successfully attract, recruit and hire top performers.  

There are plenty of talented people out there, but when you find someone who is zealous about what they do and why they do it, pay attention. We often tell our clients, “Hire for passion; the talent will follow."

Got you thinking? Let us know. Request the complete talent guide and get a copy of our 2019 Salary Guide too.

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