How We Work With You

Like any great relationship, our partnership is founded on understanding, respect, value and results. We’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us. We’ll listen to your challenges, needs and goals and present you with solutions that make good business sense.


Partnership approach

Partnership Approach

Spherion is your staffing partner. We’re focused on your goals and we’re passionate about your priorities. Acting as an extension of your team, we’ll infuse your workforce with resources, expertise and knowledge that maximize results.


Our hiring process

Our Hiring Process

Hiring the right talent for your business has never been easier. Just let us know what your staffing needs are and we’ll take care of all the details. From sourcing, screening, interviewing and assessing candidates, to hiring and onboarding new employees, Spherion is determined to make your staffing experience exceptional. Here’s a big-picture look at our hiring process:

  • Meet to discuss your staffing needs
  • Source and recruit talent that fit your specifications
  • Proprietary talent selection process
  • Candidates measured against IdealMatch criteria
  • Clients presented with top candidates
  • Candidate selection is made and staffing agreement is signed
  • Regular follow-up and performance checks
Addressing Critical Business Challenges

Addressing Critical Business Challenges

What are the challenges facing your organization? Whether it’s recruiting the right candidates, retaining top performers, managing different talent groups or engaging employees, Spherion will address the issues high on your HR radar. More than a quick fix, we design our staffing solutions to overcome critical challenges and improve business performance. Partnering together, we’ll help you develop a talent strategy that keeps you productive today and well-positioned for tomorrow.


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