As a flagship brand within the staffing industry, we understand the importance of illustrating what a typical day at work looks like for our job candidates. We apply the same standard for entrepreneurs looking to explore franchise ownership with Spherion. To better inform those looking to jump into franchising for the first time - or to try a successful franchise in another industry - we have enlisted the help of our 2021 Owner of the Year, Tammy Feaster, to outline what a typical day in the life looks like as a Spherion franchisee.

Tammy is a staffing industry veteran who first entered the trade in an entry-level role with former Spherion franchisee Donna Haines. From the start, Tammy was “born for this business,” according to Donna, who helped Tammy develop her skills as a recruiter, saleswoman, and eventual business owner. Over the next 28 years, Tammy developed a passion for the staffing industry as she has become the owner of six offices across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Tammy Feaster and team celebrate their 2022 Owner of the Year award

A typical day for Tammy begins with “the glow of her phone:” She checks emails as she wakes up each morning. From there, she hits the exercise bike for 30 minutes and then maps out the support plan for each of her locations. As the franchise owner of multiple Spherion offices, Tammy tends to go into the office that needs the most support that day. One of the key traits Tammy applies to her business is flexibility. She is always moving around and working the floor with her staff. She can fill the role of receptionist, recruiter or sales person depending on her team’s needs. “The best part of owning the business is that I am able to be a hands-on leader when the situation calls for it, as well as take a step back and allow my team to thrive when it would benefit them,” said Feaster.

When outlining her day, Tammy relies on her two internal vice presidents to communicate the needs of each market since she cannot be everywhere at once. Protecting her employees’ sanity and preventing burnout among staff is always first on her list of considerations.

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The best part of owning the business is that I am able to be a hands-on leader when the situation calls for it, as well as take a step back and allow my team to thrive when it would benefit them.

Tammy Feaster, Spherion Staffing in Chambersburg, Frederick, Hagerstown, Leesburg, Martinsburg, and Winchester

Once Tammy gets into the office (and if there are no fire drills), she typically dives into her primary owner and operator responsibilities, including sales, service and training her internal staff. Another key part of her day is to “fill the bill,” which consists of filling job placements for clients to generate revenue and build relationships in the community. From there, Tammy focuses on growing her business, completing tasks like reporting, collections, payroll and handling other administrative responsibilities. 

If you ask Tammy what her biggest challenge is each day, she says it’s adapting to staffing changes such as an absent or missing employee at a client location. However, having learned to run her business with flexibility, she and her staff have learned how to fix these issues quickly. As for the best part of her day, Tammy enjoys filling placements for clients and solidifying client and candidate relationships in her community.

Beyond her daily routine, Tammy calls upon the support Spherion provides its franchisee network. When first building her business, she didn’t immediately rely on the Spherion corporate team for support. But as she experienced more facets of business ownership and deepened her business knowledge, she realized the team was there to assist her rather than interfere with her local efforts. Weekly touch points with a dedicated corporate liaison, marketing support and technology advancements are just some of the ways the corporate team continues to help Tammy grow her businesses to the next level. 

Tammy has created a clear roadmap for prospective Spherion franchisees to follow when planning out their daily schedule as well as their path to achieving their business and revenue goals for a staffing and recruiting franchise. She stays focused, listens to her team, and puts in the work needed to be successful.

Have questions about what a typical day in the life of a franchise owner looks like? Reach out to our franchising team today to learn more about franchise ownership with Spherion.

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