In today's technology-centered world, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic across various industries. The staffing and recruiting sector is no exception. The gradual implementation of AI-based systems like ChatGPT are changing the ways that staffing professionals match job seekers with clients. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into the daily staffing business routine, as well as highlight how Spherion empowers our franchisees to embrace AI as a useful tool in the workplace.

A Human-Centric Industry

The staffing and recruiting industry is centered around human connection. Face-to-face interactions and human connections are key to identifying the right employment opportunities across the industry. However, even in an industry with this humanistic approach, AI can be a helpful tool for industry professionals such as Spherion franchise owners, their teams and the candidates they serve. These tools may help amplify, but not fully replace the great work staffing industry franchisees are doing daily.

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The Benefits of AI for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

  • Increased efficiency: AI proves to be helpful with streamlining the time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process like candidate screening, updating job postings and more, which allows franchisees to focus on strategic decision-making and nurturing the professional relationships in their community that are key to advancing any staffing business. This heightened efficiency can also cascade into other aspects of the business and can shape smoother operations at the local level.
  • Improved screening and qualification: Verifying a candidate’s fit for one of our clients’ opportunities is key to succeeding as staffing professionals and franchisees. By leveraging AI-powered algorithms, our franchisees and their teams can effectively sift through vast candidate databases, considering experience, skills and qualifications in less time when compared to traditional methods. This empowers Spherion franchisees and their teams to identify top talent quickly and connect them with the right opportunity for their skillset. It also reduces the time needed to fill a position for our clients.
  • Analyzing market trends: AI's data analysis capabilities are growing every day, enabling staffing brands and franchisees to identify significant market trends that affect the industry on both local and national levels. AI can help franchisees find trending keywords for job postings and possible interview questions, and help them stay on top of what may be affecting their business. Armed with data-driven insights, franchisees can make informed decisions, adapt to changes in the job market and offer unparalleled guidance to clients.

Challenges of AI Implementation

  • Upskilling staff on AI tools: Successful AI integration means substantial investment in staff training and infrastructure. To harness AI's full potential, we empower our teams with the necessary knowledge and resources to implement it into their daily routine. At Spherion, we are committed to supporting our franchisees as they navigate AI’s place in our industry and offer monthly training sessions addressing AI and how Spherion’s proprietary AI software can help them fine-tune their daily operations, further elevating their businesses.
  • Contextual understanding: While AI excels at processing vast amounts of data, it lacks the contextual understanding and nuanced judgment required to interpret key takeaways in certain hiring situations. Human expertise remains essential for data interpretation and critical decision-making based on the circumstances presented. AI supplements the resources available to our staffing professionals to help them make analytical decisions, not to replace them in the decision-making process.
  • Ethical considerations and shifting regulations: Ensuring fair and unbiased AI algorithms is a challenge that remains top of mind for not only franchisees, but business professionals at large. While AI can be a useful tool, its growing mainstream use in many fields has led to discussions regarding its ethical viability and even shifting regulations on the national level. Brands like Spherion carefully monitor and regulate AI systems to prevent bias during the hiring process and promote equitable hiring practices for every candidate looking to make their next career move.

The Future of AI in Staffing

As technology continues to evolve, AI will play an increasingly significant role in predicting talent needs, automating candidate assessments, and elevating the overall client and candidate experience. The combination of AI's capabilities for processing data in less time without losing the personal touch of staffing professionals will be key in redefining the recruitment landscape, increasing the opportunity to foster more meaningful connections between job seekers and employers. 

As a staffing industry leader, Spherion will continue to leverage AI as a tool to enhance our expertise rather than replace “the power of local” that is core to the hiring experiences of our clients and candidates. Our commitment to bettering the communities in which we live and work, coupled with integrating this cutting-edge technology into our daily practices, has further elevated Spherion as a valuable resource for clients, candidates, and franchisees who are looking to advance their business or career.

For more information about how Spherion is providing its franchisees with the resources necessary to use AI to benefit their franchise business, reach out to our franchise team!

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Dan Brunell
Dan Brunell

Dan Brunell

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Dan’s background as a senior executive in the staffing industry and founder of a top franchise brokerage equips him with more than 30 years of experience helping prospective franchisees succeed.