Here at Spherion, our tagline ‘Let’s Get to Work’ guides our franchisees, their employees and our corporate team each day in our work as staffing professionals. That tagline inspired the launch of the Spherion Works Sweepstakes last year and became an essential reminder as we continue to navigate the ever-changing needs of our clients, candidates and franchisees. To that point, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching the second annual Spherion Works Sweepstakes campaign, awarding $150,000 in prizes—and a hybrid Ford Maverick truck— to celebrate our phenomenal employees!

Beyond recognizing our employees for their hard work, we built the Spherion Works Sweepstakes to help our franchisees attract and retain qualified candidates. The end of the year is peak season for many employers, and promotions like this are the perfect way to build a pipeline of skilled employees who can start work now to help clients meet increased year-end production/service goals. 


Employees from the Spherion Jacksonville, Texas office helping a $500 prize winner hold up a giant Spherion check

This year’s sweepstakes builds upon the success of last year’s initiative to attract more candidates to Spherion job opportunities while rewarding current employees in a big way. After last year’s campaign, we surveyed our franchisees to get their feedback about everything from the timing of the campaign and the amount of work they put in to the quality of prizes and the reaction of employees. Our franchise community offered great advice about how to make a campaign like Spherion Works better for all involved, and we took it to heart. That’s why this year’s campaign offers all cash prizes, a modified timeline, and a grand prize built for the times: fuel-efficient, family-friendly, and fun to drive!

To promote the sweepstakes, we’ve provided franchisees with a comprehensive suite of marketing assets to use leading up to and throughout the campaign. The assets include digital materials such as social media posts, graphics, email templates and website enhancements, as well as offline materials like posters, billboards, radio scripts and Spherion-branded swag. We recognize that being a small business owner comes with many daily priorities, and not everyone is a marketer, so these materials help make our campaigns more “plug and play.”


A Spherion female employee helps a Spherion Works Sweepstakes winner hold up a giant $500 check

We also regularly meet with franchisees before and during each campaign to ensure they are clear about its goals and cadence. Our marketing team hosts a big meeting with all franchisees and their marketing and recruiting staff to walk them through the campaign and campaign materials. We relay advice about how our franchisees can personalize the campaign, encouraging them to reach job seekers, position their available roles and recognize sweepstakes winners in ways that make sense for their specific market. Of course, our marketing team is always available to support franchisee teams as they carry out the campaign and think up new and personalized ways to celebrate their local winners. 

Participating in the sweepstakes requires work on our franchisees’ part, but we do our best to make participation as productive as possible. Plus, campaign promotion pays huge dividends by increasing brand awareness and motivating job seekers to apply for open roles.

When a company like Spherion has been a steady, stable leader in the staffing industry for more than 75 years, it’s essential to add excitement surrounding our services to clients and job seekers through compelling promotions. National brand campaigns like Spherion Works Sweepstakes enable our franchisees to make a splash locally as we support their work to reach their business goals and better the communities we call home. We cannot wait to celebrate our weekly winners as we move through the campaign, as well as continue to help our franchisees connect job seekers with meaningful employment opportunities nationwide. 

For more information about national marketing support like the Spherion Works Sweepstakes, reach out to our franchise development team to learn more.

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Dan Brunell
Dan Brunell

Dan Brunell

Regional Vice President of Franchise Development

Dan’s background as a senior executive in the staffing industry and founder of a top franchise brokerage equips him with more than 30 years of experience helping prospective franchisees succeed.