Throughout Women’s History Month and beyond, Spherion recognizes the importance of celebrating the contributions of the countless women that have gotten us to where we are today. Hear directly from franchise owners Beth Delaney, Cindy Somers and Tammy Feaster as they share their perspectives about owning a business, overcoming challenges, and what’s most important on the road to success as leaders within the Spherion community and the franchising industry.

3 headshots of Spherion women business owners

What has your experience been like as a Spherion business owner?

“Being a business owner is fulfilling and challenging at the same time, with new trials and triumphs along the way. This journey has given me many opportunities to become an expert in my field and to share my success with others. When you own a business, many people look to you for guidance and opportunities. Our role is to be educators and leaders in our community.” – Beth

“Overall, it has been amazing. It’s an opportunity that I would not have had on my own if not for my father and others believing in me! It has been what I call the rollercoaster of staffing as far as our business goes, but that is what makes it exciting. Every day there are unique challenges.” – Cindy  

“I never thought it was in the cards for me to become a business owner. I started working for this company when I was 17, and the journey has been a dream that keeps repeating for me. Being a business owner means not just making money and finding people jobs, but also having the resources and the ability to give back to the communities [our offices] support. I love that we’re locally owned and locally supported.” – Tammy

Can you describe a challenge you overcame since being in a leadership role? 

“Delegating was always a personal challenge of mine throughout my business ownership journey. I believed that I could do it all, [but] I quickly learned that the art of delegating is an essential trait of any successful business leader. Since implementing this into my skill set, I am confident in the ability of my team to learn and grow their leadership skills.” – Beth 

“I would definitely say starting at a very young age in a leadership role was the biggest challenge for me. I needed a lot of training and time to mature and grow as a person [and] as a leader in the early years of running my business. Even though I have grown so much as a business professional … I am still learning and will always look for opportunities to master something new both in my professional and personal life!” – Cindy 

“The biggest challenge for me since stepping into a leadership role, and even still today, is the ever-changing workforce that drives my business. It’s important to me to be able to adapt as a leader when the culture, generational gaps and technology [evolves] with my internal workforce.” – Tammy

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How has Spherion supported you as a business owner?

“From the very beginning, Spherion has supported my journey in every way that was asked of them. As an owner, you need to try different things and invest into great people to drive your business forward. Spherion has given me guidance whenever I have needed it and offered many different levels of resources for all of us to be successful.” – Beth 

“Spherion is an extended family. Leadership team members support us in lots of different ways. From offering ongoing training and collaboration to growth opportunities, resources are always available for me to reference when growing every aspect of my business.” – Cindy 

“Spherion has a rock-solid infrastructure that is always available at the drop of a call, email or chat. They support me not just with business growth, but also when it comes to the emotional side of being a franchise and business owner. They have all the resources to keep me up to date regarding market trends, legal updates and technology in order to continuously grow my business.” – Tammy 

What advice would you offer women who are looking to become franchise owners?

“Don’t fear failure, and don’t look back. Make the decision and move forward. Always focus on what’s important now for your business. If you have that entrepreneurial drive and your heart is leading you to be your own boss, take that challenge every single time. When you create your vision, your values and understand your WHY, you are halfway there.” – Beth

 “In many environments you will find competition, but, in our Spherion world, we work as a team. You would have an amazing support system from the company every step of the way, and more importantly, from your many peers who are successful women who have built a thriving business of their own.” – Cindy

“I would say that there is a balance in everything we do every single day. Don't be afraid to take the leap of faith because becoming a franchise owner may seem scary or overwhelming. Really, it's just an avenue that creates a piece of ownership that you will find a way to balance in and be successful.” – Tammy 

Beth Delaney holding up her 20th Anniversary Award

Why is it important to you to support and celebrate women in business?

“Understanding the beginning of women’s rights and the road they have paved for us should never be taken for granted.  History tells the story, and women today continue that journey and aim to set a strong example for future generations of women looking to drive their career forward.” – Beth 

“When I became aware of the Athena Award it opened my eyes to the way women should be supported and recognized for their achievements. I was nominated for this award several times before eventually being honored as a recipient. I then started sponsoring our local award, because I saw the value in this recognition and in raising awareness about celebrating women's accomplishments in their jobs and mentoring other women along the way.” – Cindy 

“It is important to me to celebrate women in business because we have earned a seat at the table throughout the years. I have been with this company for 28 years, and I was given a chance by my previous owner and mentor, who taught me to always support and challenge one another with education, confidence and strength.” – Tammy 

What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

“It means another opportunity to shed light on the many contributions and accomplishments of women to the success of this country.” – Cindy 

“Women's History Month is a time when we are celebrated for our accomplishments in any industry that we work in, and represents that all of our accomplishments are recognized.” – Tammy 

Tammy Feaster winning Franchisee of the Year 2022

In terms of your career, which accomplishments are you most proud of?

“I am proud of the freedom, support, and love from my family to lead this business. I am proud of the people that work for me – their dedication, loyalty, and commitment to our company. I am proud to see how being philanthropic affects my community and the impact it has on helping others. I am always proud to say that I am a woman business owner!” – Beth

“I am most proud of carrying on the legacy of my father's franchise, which he started in 1981. Continuing his mission of making an impact in our community by putting people to work in meaningful careers, giving back to our community philanthropically and being a role model for many are some of the pillars I always refer back to when growing my business every single day.” – Cindy 

“I am the proudest of building a culture and a team that is excited to say they work for Spherion under the Feaster team. For being able to match jobs with candidates and making a difference in a company and person's personal life. For driving my franchise to be recognized as Owner of the Year and then being recognized by IFA as one of the International Franchisees of the Year. I have been honored to have received recognition from my peers for making an impact in the community that I serve on a daily basis.“ –Tammy 

What is one quote/saying you live by or that resonates with you?

“Do more than is expected!” – Beth 

“I have a few. When I was young and going through tough times, my dad always said, "that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” However, I also try to just be optimistic and know I will see the positives in all situations if I can try to find the silver lining.” – Cindy 

“What you put in is what you get out.” – Tammy 


Beth, Cindy and Tammy are just a few of the female leaders within the Spherion franchise system, and we are excited to see what they accomplish in the future. 

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