What does a production associate do?

A production associate is responsible for performing various tasks in a factory or manufacturing setting. Production associates typically work on an assembly line and are responsible for ensuring that products meet quality standards. They do so by doing the following:

Inspecting products

When a product comes down the assembly line, the production associate is responsible for inspecting it to ensure that it meets certain quality standards. For instance, they check to see if there are any defects in the product. If they find any defects, they will either fix them or notify a supervisor.

Helping in the assembly and packaging of products

In some cases, production associates will also be responsible for assembling products. For example, they get to put together the pieces of a toy or piece of furniture. When a product gets finished, the production associate will likely also help in packaging it. This involves putting it in a box or wrapping it in plastic and then sealing it.

Overseeing the types of materials used in production

In some cases, production associates will be responsible for overseeing the types of materials used in production. For instance, they make sure that the right type of plastic is being used to wrap a product or that the right type of wood is being used to make a piece of furniture.

Ensuring the proper use of equipment 

When you become a production associate, you will also be responsible for ensuring the proper use of equipment. For example, you will need to make sure that an assembly line is running smoothly or that a machine is properly calibrated.

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What is the average salary of production associates?

According to salary.com, the average salary of production associates is $33,420 per year. This translates to $16.10 per hour. However, salaries tend to vary depending on factors such as the following.


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Production Associate Job Description

If you want to become a production associate, there are several things you should expect. That includes certain specific responsibilities, equipment, work environment, and much more, as discussed below.



What is the career outlook for a production associate?


As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the demand for production associates will definitely grow. The reason is that there is a need for more employees to work in factories and warehouses. On top of that, the demand for products will also increase. This is because the population is growing and more people are buying products. The career outlook for a production associate is therefore very good. 

The best part is that working as a production associate will instill certain skills in you. These skills will be very helpful in other careers. For instance, if you want to be a quality control engineer, working as a production associate will give you the necessary experience. The bottom line is that the career outlook for a production associate is very good and there are many opportunities for advancement.

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What education do you need as a production associate?

Getting a job as a production associate requires a certain level of education. On top of that, some employers will require that you have certain certifications and licenses.



Working as a production associate places you as a key member of a manufacturing or production team. The following frequently asked questions will help you learn more about the role. 

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