When you franchise with Spherion, you tap into more than 75 years of staffing industry expertise. Even after all this time, we continue to innovate our franchise offerings to tackle what’s next for the emergent workforce.

Take, for example, the launch of Spherion Professional Staffing and Recruiting. This initiative focuses on staffing and recruiting for professional roles in sectors such as technology, finance and accounting through dedicated Spherion Professional Staffing and Recruiting offices. As we strategically expand our reach, these offices will bring insider market knowledge of local professional services companies and build upon existing connections to executive-level decision-makers.

This launch comes amid the recent successful creation of two new professional offices, Spherion Dallas-Technology and Spherion Wasatch Front-Technology. As the demand for tech-industry talent continues to grow, Spherion recognizes the needs of both client companies and the professional workforce to navigate the opportunities surging in the IT field. So do our owners – the newest IT-focused office in Salt Lake City is owner Ron Zarbock’s seventh Spherion location.

“As a part of the Spherion owner community, I look forward to what this initiative will bring to the Spherion family as a whole,” says Ron. Ron holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been a successful entrepreneur for decades, which positions him well to lead an IT-only professional office in Salt Lake City. “By opening a professional services office, we are able to better service the growing needs of our local workforce in the technology sector specifically, and I know that this is something that several other owners across the country will be able to take advantage of as well.”

Ron has appointed Jon Eborn to head the new Salt Lake City office. Jon brings insider knowledge of the local technology industry, brandishing leadership experience and tight connections to CIOs and IT department heads throughout the market. He’s also well networked within the independent IT consultant scene in Salt Lake City.

“Silicon Slopes has now firmly established itself as a global juggernaut in the computer technology world,” says Jon, who serves as Director for the new Spherion technology office in Salt Lake City. “And, the community is gaining even more momentum as several big tech companies continue to move in. Our new IT staffing office will have the backing of Spherion’s national team while utilizing the expertise of our local specialists who have years of experience in the IT industry.”

“This new initiative arrives as part of our overall long-term growth plan and serves as a positive signal for America’s workforce and the economy,” says Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, President of Spherion. “Local communities will gain even more momentum as professional services companies continue to emerge on the other side of the pandemic. Our new Spherion Professional Staffing and Recruiting offices will have the backing of Spherion’s national technical staffing team while utilizing the expertise of our local specialists who have years of experience in the industry.”

Why Spherion?

As we continue to innovate our concept, there are many reasons to pursue your next entrepreneurial venture with Spherion. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Owner camaraderie – you’ll join a seasoned, collaborative and helpful franchise network from all over the country 
  • Proven track record of success and the backing of the world's largest HR services company
  • Lower initial investment and franchise fee, plus minimal start-up costs 

Need we say more? Backed by decades of industry knowledge and with different specialized franchise models to choose from, Spherion owners can tap into their true potential to build something great – for the local community and beyond. Our dedicated processes and systems ensure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re interested in how you can become a Spherion franchise owner, contact us today.