The Emerging Workforce Study

Through its annual Study, Spherion examines the issues and trends impacting the American workplace. Conducted by Research Now, it is the only nationally representative survey of both employers and employees. During the last 22 years, Spherion has interviewed more than 225,000 workers and hundreds of companies to reveal impactful insights that help employers make critical decisions for their businesses and their employees.

What's It All About?

A research-rich study, EWS is designed to uncover the evolving attitudes and motivations of American workers in context with job satisfaction, engagement and retention. Findings are paired against employer perspectives and practices to create a 360-degree view of the workforce. The study offers unprecedented insights about workers, equipping employers with the insight needed to make informed decisions that favorably impact performance.

  • 22 Years of workforce research
  • 2800+ employees surveyed
  • 700+ HR leaders surveyed 
  • 225,000+ workers & thousands of companies surveyed since 1997

A Revolutionary Way to View the Workforce


  • Employees who put in the time with a company deserve promotion
  • Job security is a chief concern & essential to retention
  • Employers are responsible for employee growth & development
  • Organizational charts should be followed & respected
  • It’s not good to change jobs too often


  • Migrating workers & employers share some of the beliefs of their traditional counterparts but are moving toward an emergent mindset.



  • Employees who perform well & contribute value deserve promotion
  • Career growth is a high priority & crucial to retention
  • Employees drive their own career growth & development
  • Getting the job done is more important than following organizational charts
  • Changing jobs is essential to career advancement


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