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Emerging Workforce® Study

Tracking a Dynamic Workforce

The Emerging Workforce Study explores the shifting attitudes and motivations of a diverse and dynamic workforce. 

It tracks and analyzes the impact of social and economic trends on the American workforce and the resulting implications for those who employ them. It offers deep insights to help employers build a powerful talent engine—one that is engaged, productive and positively advocating for the brand.


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On Being Emergent

Emergent employers constantly evolve to meet the changing expectations of today’s workers in order to attract, engage and retain great employees. Their policies and practices differ markedly from more traditional organizations that remain entrenched in outdated beliefs and programs. For example, emergent employers:

  • Tailor recruitment to attract different generations
  • Take a long-term view of talent pipelining to address future skill and demographic gaps 
  • Actively manage their employer brand 
  • Offer work/life balance programs
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion 
  • Value collaboration as a driver of performance
  • Invest in training, career development and coaching
  • Measure engagement and retention
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