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The Emerging Workforce Study

The State of the Workforce

From the Vantage Point of Workers and Employers

What defines the state of the workforce? Is it the diverse people filling the workplace? Or, is it the beliefs and values that distinguish workers’ perspectives? Could it be who holds the greatest amount of power on the employee-employer continuum? Perhaps, it’s a combination of them all.

The Emerging Workforce Study has been tracking the socioeconomic trends shaping the U.S. workforce for 22 years. Commissioned by Spherion, the Study paints a distinctive, multi-dimensional portrait of the workforce as seen through the eyes of employees and employers.

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Leadership in a Digital World

We live and work in a digitally inundated world. This always-on, always-connected mentality has created a new breed of worker with habits that redefine the way business leaders must lead to remain effective. Chief Human Resources Officer, Jim Link, leads the discussion about “Leadership in a Digital World” and the direct impact it has on the success of your business strategy. 

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