One of the greatest joys of my role at Spherion is the fact that I get to coach and mentor entrepreneurs to find success on their own terms. That opportunity to be successful using skills and experienced-based knowledge from many backgrounds is well reflected within our mission statement: to help people, businesses and communities thrive by providing the talent and opportunities that fuel their success. In this role, I get to apply my years of experience in staffing and recruiting to do just that by creating opportunities for business owners and their communities. I’m living my dream!

Another facet of that dream is giving back to people who have given so much to us. At Spherion specifically, I have the opportunity to help veterans find their footing in civilian life and make their personal goals come to fruition after years of putting country before self. 

I was raised in a family that believed one of the greatest forms of self-sacrifice is protecting your nation and being in the armed services. I’m proud of the efforts Spherion makes to help those that have retired from the military and transitioned into the next phase of their lives. 

Veterans are often overlooked for job opportunities outside of the military, and it’s something I’ve always struggled to understand. Veterans have proven to be a wonderful fit for Spherion—and even franchising as a broader industry. About 14% of franchise owners in the United States are veterans. Working in franchising requires working within an existing framework to make your business succeed, and veterans don’t just know how to work within an existing structure; they thrive in it!

On top of that, veterans tend to have a fantastic vision for the future of their businesses because they know how much a successful business can impact their communities. A core ethos for many veterans we work with revolves around a desire to better their communities. With this demographic, we know they will practice what they preach beyond those initial interviews because they have put everything on the line to protect their communities. We know they will apply that same passionate spirit to their business. 

Often we use occasions such as Military Appreciation Month to reflect on the sacrifice of those who serve in the armed forces, or perhaps even to say thank you to a loved one who is serving or has served in the military at some point in their lives. This is wonderful and important—we should be acknowledging that brave sacrifice. But we must push beyond those small acts of appreciation by helping these service members succeed and find purpose once they’re back home and reintegrating into our communities. 

As the vice president of sales and market development for Spherion, I’m privileged to be in a position where I can make a difference in veterans’ lives through both business ownership and by hiring veterans at our many locations across the country. They were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and Spherion is thrilled to provide a point of entry and strong support to people we know will make excellent, committed business partners for many years to come. We are proud to provide a business environment that makes Spherion one of the best franchise opportunities for veterans.

If you want to learn more about how Spherion supports veterans within our system, watch our Military Makeover: Operation Career video. Or check out what a few of our veterans have to say about working with Spherion below. We’re honored to work with such brave men and women each and everyday.


What Our Veteran Franchisees Say

“From my experience, I have owned another franchise before and Spherion definitely leads the way. Spherion is always looking at what’s the next best thing, how to help us, how to streamline us, make us more efficient. If we’re not headed in the right direction or there’s a better direction to head in they start giving us tips on where to go there. They just continually update it and keep it fresh, keep it relevant to what’s going on in the modern world.”

Elliot Henson, Owner of Spherion Hobbs and Victoria Offices


“They provide a lot of support to us, and they continue to do that. The support we got during the pandemic was exceptional. We were way ahead of the standalone business for sure but even some other businesses that had support behind them; as I talk to fellow business owners in my local community, they weren't getting any type of the support that we got. So it allows us to function on those things at the local level because we know the support system is going to be behind us.”

Rich Kolleda, Owner of Spherion Port St. Lucie and Melbourne offices


“One of the most rewarding aspects of military service is the camaraderie and lifelong bonds you forge with fellow servicemembers. I have found that same sense of cohesion with Spherion. Spherion owners are bonded by our shared experiences, trials and tribulations, and successes. When I am struggling or need advice, I have an entire community I can reach out to for help; and I find great joy in being there for other owners when they need me.”

John Clarson, former Air Force communications officer and owner of Spherion Colorado Springs

Michael Spaulding

"I found Spherion upon my retirement from the United States Army, and it has been a fantastic journey for me. My military service provided a great foundation for success and growth with the company. The leadership experience I gained in the military along with the core values instilled by great leaders in both the Army and Spherion have allowed me to transition well and provide guidance for coworkers and our employees. This company truly values veterans and is committed to offering a pathway to career growth. I could not have picked a better company to grow with, and I'm grateful for the opportunity Spherion has provided me."

Michael Spaulding, former Army 1st Sergeant, Infantry, and operations director at Spherion Brooksville 

John Kirkman

“Spherion truly values veterans and is committed to offering a clear path to civilian business ownership. The company offers franchise incentives to potential veteran owners looking to operate a franchise in a new market. The leadership skills learned in the military transition quite well to the Spherion business community. Spherion helps manage the back-office side of the business so owners can focus on community partnerships, sales, marketing, recruiting, and customer engagement.

The corporate office team is rock solid and always ready to jump in and assist. The company continuingly strives to find better tools, resources, trends, and business efficiencies that supports owners’ success and growth.

The owner community truly is like an extended family. Everyone is willing to share successes and challenges, and are available any time with valuable input and advice. All the above points made Spherion an easy and rewarding decision for me and my family.”

John Kirkman, former Army telecommunications operations chief and owner of Spherion Ormond Beach and St Augustine offices


About the Author
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Bill's headshot

Bill Tasillo

Vice President of Franchise Sales & Market Development

Certified as a franchise executive by the International Franchise Association, Bill brings a hands-on coaching style to his passion for helping new and seasoned franchisees grow their careers with Spherion.