At Spherion, we believe every person brings something unique to the table, and it's those differences that fuel new ideas and empower our team to deliver exceptional service.


The workforce is comprised of a diverse mix of people, each with unique perspectives, experiences and backgrounds that make them invaluable to the workplace. At Spherion, we believe diversity is the driver of ingenuity and the key to a high-performing workforce. Today’s workforce is made-up of five generations of talent and a myriad of ethnicities, cultures and beliefs. We want to help companies harness the power of a diverse workforce and unleash the unbridled creativity, capabilities and value that it creates.

Spherion is a business founded on people and our business model encourages diversity at every level. Whether you’re a candidate, client, employee or supplier, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that values every contribution. The benefits of diversity are far-reaching and we are determined to build a workforce that values differences and rewards collaboration.

Benefits of workplace diversity 

  • Drives innovation
  • Better brand reputation
  • Increased market share/revenue
  • Encourages employee engagement
  • Increased candidate pool


Spherion is a staffing company founded on innovation and a history of firsts. We believe innovation is a catalyst to business success and essential to industry leadership. Through it, companies are able to work smarter, more efficiently and cost-effectively. And, it produces a better service and product as a result. At Spherion, we embrace a work culture that encourages ideas and contributions that drive innovation.

Pioneers in the staffing industry with 70 years of workforce expertise.

First staffing company in our industry to:

  • Develop an onsite workforce management solution
  • Use television as a medium for recruiting
  • Utilize interactive, voice-response technology to prescreen job candidates
  • Introduce remote workforce support
  • Establish a fully integrated, Web-based operating system

Innovator in sourcing talent utilizing social media, mobile recruiting tools, text job alerts and grassroots methods to reach and recruit top talent.

Workforce thought leaders with more than 19 years of research tracking the trends, beliefs and attitudes of U.S. workers and employers.

Service Excellence

Spherion is a company distinguished by a high standard of service. It is woven into the very fiber of our culture and is the highest priority of our staff.

Our promise to candidates:
You will be well cared for and provided with the best career opportunities for your skills. We will get to know you personally—your talents, experience and aspirations—and work on your behalf to place you in jobs that match your skills and keep your career progressing. We will be here to provide valuable input on key aspects of your job search including resume guidance, interviewing tips and skills training. And, we will keep you informed about job opportunities that fit your goals. We’re in this together and we’re determined to make your career amazing!

Our promise to clients:
We will get to know your business and the kind of talent that will keep you operating at peak performance. Acting as an extension of your HR team, we will source, recruit, interview and hire candidates that fit the unique requirements of your organization. We will respond promptly to staffing needs and proactively offer solutions that address challenges you’re facing. You will only be presented with top candidates and Spherion will assist with every facet of the employment process. We will follow-up regularly to ensure the candidates we placed meet your satisfaction and performance goals. And, if you are ever unsatisfied with a talent placement, we will resolve the issue quickly and provide a suitable replacement. We are your staffing team and your satisfaction is our greatest goal!