Improving your skills is no longer a nice option for those who want to progress in their career—it has become the cornerstone of advancement and the new path forward!

As the composition of the workforce undergoes dramatic shifts due to Boomers retiring, the available supply of qualified talent to fill leadership roles is shrinking and the skills gap is widening. This presents a real dilemma for employers and upskilling their existing workforce is the most plausible solution.

This is good news for workers, and here’s why:

  • The Emerging Workforce Study reveals employees feel their current skills are inadequate to further their career.

    -  40% believe their current job skills fall short of what will be required in future positions

    -  42% worry about falling behind in acquiring new skills that will be needed in the future  

    -  41% don’t feel their current job skills will help them attain a promotion today
  • Automation is changing the way jobs are done.  

    As the workplace becomes more automated, the skills required to perform existing jobs are changing to adapt to the technologies that support them. Employees must be more digitally adept than ever before to keep their skills relevant and retain their position.
  • The opportunity for advancement is great.

    As the most seasoned sect of the workforce leaves, employers are looking for talent with the business acumen and leadership skills to replace them. By embracing training opportunities and increasing your skills, you will be well-positioned to step into a leadership role when the time is right.

Upskilling is not only crucial for employers; it is essential for career progression. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to blaze your own path forward!


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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing