What does a supervisor do?

One of the most important roles of a supervisor is to oversee the work of employees and provide feedback. This involves creating work schedules, setting goals and monitoring progress. Additionally, supervisors often handle customer complaints and resolve conflicts between employees. This is especially important in industries where teamwork is essential, such as healthcare and manufacturing.

Interviewing and hiring prospective employees

When you become a supervisor, you'll be screening job candidates and interviewing those who look promising. During the interview process, it's important to ask questions that assess a candidate's ability to work well with others and how they handle difficult situations. You will also answer and discuss the job, such as what the team dynamic is like and what challenges your team faces.

Training and development

One of your most important jobs is to help new employees learn the ropes and get acclimated to the company culture. Additionally, you'll be responsible for providing ongoing training and development opportunities to keep your team members up-to-date on new procedures and processes. This includes leading team meetings, conducting performance reviews and offering feedback.

Evaluating performance

Part of your job as a supervisor will be to evaluate the performance of your employees. This involves setting measurable goals and objectives as well as monitoring progress. Additionally, you'll need to give feedback on a regular basis and provide guidance when necessary.

Managing workflow

As a supervisor, you'll be responsible for ensuring that work gets completed in a timely and efficient manner. This involves creating schedules, assigning tasks and setting deadlines. Additionally, you'll need to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Supervising multiple teams

In some cases, supervisors are responsible for overseeing multiple teams. Sometimes, this role gets challenging, but it’s generally rewarding. Those who are successful in this position are typically organized, detail-oriented and good at multitasking.

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What is the average salary of a supervisor?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for supervisors is $67,330. As a supervisor, each month, you'll therefore be earning an average of $5,611 or an hourly wage of $32. Certain factors, including experience, education and industry, will often affect your potential earnings.

Supervisor Roles

Supervisor Job Description

Generally, working as a supervisor entails overseeing the work of other employees. This is a challenging but rewarding role. Those who are successful in this position are typically organized, detail-oriented and good at multitasking.



What is the career outlook for a supervisor?

As more and more companies globalize, the demand for supervisors is generally expected to increase. Additionally, with the rise of technology, there is an increased need for professionals to manage and oversee complex projects. The career outlook for a supervisor is therefore positive as there is a lot of potential for growth in this field. On top of that, the median salary for a supervisor is quite good, and that's an indication that there are good job prospects in this field. 

What are the advantages of working with Spherion as a supervisor?

Spherion offers a lot of advantages to those who work as supervisors. First and foremost, Spherion is a global company, which means that there are opportunities for career growth. Additionally, Spherion offers a lot of resources and support to supervisors. This includes access to training and development programs as well as networking opportunities. 

Therefore, if you are actively looking for a job or just checking what's out there, Spherion is the answer.  Other advantages of working via Spherion include the following:

  • Getting paid on a weekly basis
  • Having a flexible schedule
  • Getting a lot of training opportunities
  • Getting a range of jobs in your area 
  • Having a personal contact to assist you with your job search
  • Accessing training opportunities for gaining more advanced supervisory skills
  • Enjoying a quick and seamless interviewing process

What education do you need as a supervisor?

There are many different types of supervisors, which means that the education requirements will vary depending on the role. For example, those who work in healthcare will likely need a degree in nursing or business management while those who work in retail will likely only need a high school diploma. However, many supervisors will need at least a bachelor's degree, and some positions require a master's degree. Additionally, those who want to work in a management position will need several years of experience in the field. 



Supervisors are a critical part of any organization, and that's why they're in high demand. Learn more about the answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a supervisor.


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