Spherion Celebrates Champions of America’s Workforce During

National Staffing Employee Week

Nation’s Staffing and Recruiting Leader Honors Temp and Contract Workers Playing Key Roles in Keeping Businesses and Economies Prospering

ATLANTA – Don’t worry America, Spherion has your back. The U.S. leader in staffing and recruiting has the nation’s best interest at heart as it issues an enormous, collective “Thank You” to tens of thousands of temporary and contract workers staffing its client workplaces

across the country. The gesture of gratitude comes in honor of National Staffing Employee Week, which begins Monday, September 14th.

“Our roots run deep in the communities we serve. Being local means that we are tightly connected to the workforce in each and every community where we operate. Our bonds with them ensure they have rewarding opportunities and that our clients have talented, committed

and hardworking individuals working for them,” said Daisy Lilley, vice president of marketing for Spherion. “It is with an immense amount of appreciation that we thank Spherion’s workforce in every corner of the country this National Staffing Employee Week. Never more than now do we acknowledge their resiliency and continued dedication.”

Spherion’s 200-plus locally-owned and operated offices represent thousands of workers in local communities coast to coast. During National Staffing Employee Week 2020, every local Spherion office is sharing a personal thank you card with each member of their workforce, and inside the card will be a raffle ticket representing the chance to win a $1,000 cash prize. Spherion will pick one recipient each day, September 14-18, to win the $1,000 cash prize, totaling $5,000 in prize money awarded.

“There are so many uncertainties in the world today, so we are extremely proud to be providing consistent, reliable employment opportunities to residents in hardworking communities around the country,” added Lilley. “This week, we’re truly celebrating the individuals who make  incredible contributions to local businesses and neighborhoods. We’re thrilled to be honoring them.”

In addition to the personal recognition going out to each member of Spherion’s local workforce, many Spherion offices are planning to deliver cards and balloons to client sites throughout the

week to show just how grateful they are for the local workforce supporting community businesses.

For more information on Spherion’s National Staffing Employee Week celebration, visit https://www.spherion.com.

About Spherion

Founded in 1946, Spherion is a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry with 70+ years of experience connecting job seekers to employers that prove a mutually successful match. A pioneer in the staffing industry, Spherion is a workforce leader with extensive experience and a history of success in helping companies find talent solutions they need to thrive, while helping individuals find employment opportunities that enable them to live better lives.

Each staffing office is individually owned and operated, with each owner ingrained and invested in their respective communities and local economies. Today, the brand services the workforce needs of more than 4,000 businesses nationwide and operates more than 200 offices across the country.

To learn more about Spherion services, visit https://www.spherion.com. For information about the Spherion franchising opportunity, visit https://www.spherion.com/franchise/.


National Staffing Employee Week - FINAL

National Staffing Employee Week - FINAL