U.S. Leader in Staffing and Recruiting Hiring for Thousands of Jobs Nationwide

ATLANTA – Spherion Staffing (Spherion) is ready to resolve the hiring crunch sweeping the nation.

Businesses from coast to coast are flush with fresh openings as America’s economic rebound gains momentum across a variety of business sectors. Aligning its 2021 rally call, “Let’s Get to Work,” with its client companies’ urgent need to fill positions, Spherion is successfully implementing proven strategies to meet the demand.

An influx of job opportunities with strong potential for upward mobility are resurfacing, and Spherion is committed to helping client companies optimize productivity and getting job seekers back to work. The staffing firm’s 200-plus offices coast to coast are all filling rewarding positions, as nearly ten million Americans still remain out of work because of pandemic-induced layoffs.

“The velocity with which jobs are opening is a fantastic sign for the economy. Our offices have been at the forefront of the hiring blitz in all of our markets and see tremendous opportunities for individuals ready to build their careers,” said Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, President at Spherion Staffing. “It’s a complex hiring landscape right now. Companies need experts like ours, those who truly know their local markets and have the talent acquisition capacity to quickly help them achieve their desired staff targets.”

Despite the number of employment opportunities across the country, client companies are struggling to motivate those who were most impacted by layoffs amid the pandemic—young workers and women—to head back into the job market. However, as employers of choice in their markets, Spherion’s offices have been developing strategic solutions to fill the several new positions available—according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1,036,000 new jobs were reported in March and April alone—with creative incentives, promotion opportunities and highly competitive wages.

Spherion has its finger on the pulse of staffing as its local offices are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving, “new normal” workforce preferences. This includes a more flexible work structure with individuals shifting their thoughts on what it means to achieve a successful work-life balance. Spherion offices across the country aim to provide support for young professionals and women—particularly women of color—to rejoin the workforce and take advantage of the growing opportunities in manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and technology.

Additionally, Spherion is amplifying its hiring efforts with local grassroots campaigns such as boots-on-the-ground marketing, local market webinars focused on how to be positioned as a top employer and high-profile contests and giveaways to incentivize employment.

“Companies need to prove they’ve created a positive environment that allows for open and honest conversation. Plus, prioritizing an inclusive, welcoming workplace for all has become a top objective for job seekers and hiring managers,” said Rogers Tijerino, who recently spoke with Cheddar News about increasing diversity and opportunities for people of color. “Right now, many of our Spherion offices are seeing America’s rebound happen in real-time with the huge surge in the demand for workers. While companies have thousands of openings nationwide, especially in manufacturing and hospitality positions, our offices have become the employer of choice for individuals looking for rewarding work experiences and because of our care and consideration for our team members and our clients. Our proof point is our national Google rating of 4.9 out of 5!”

Leading the surge in job growth for March and April, the hospitality, leisure and manufacturing industries reap the benefits of increased confidence from consumers and businesses. Fortunately, April brought an increase in child daycare services, providing new opportunities for workers to seize the increasing availability in manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and technology.

About Spherion

Spherion, a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry with 75 years of experience, brings the power of local to its clients and candidates through a network of independent and empowered franchise owners. Backed by the drive and stability of the global leader in human resource services, Spherion is growing and evolving to tackle what is next for the emerging workforce. The company recently unveiled a striking new brand identity that reflects its successful growth to meet the needs of client companies and the emergent workforce. It also revealed a new purpose-driven tagline, “Let’s Get to Work.” Today, Spherion services the workforce needs of more than 4,000 businesses and operates more than 200 offices across the country.

To learn more about Spherion’s services, visit https://www.spherion.com. For information about the Spherion franchising opportunity, visit https://www.spherion.com/franchise/.