The 2015 Emerging Workforce Study builds on 18 years of research, while revealing intriguing new insights about the American workforce. It addresses challenges that business leaders grapple with every day in pursuit of higher performance and accelerated growth. It examines the state of the workplace in terms of recruitment, attraction, engagement, retention, social media, customer service, work/life balance, and the multi-generational workforce. Every issue, including traditional HR concerns, such as the skills gap, is explored from dual perspectives, presenting both the employer and employee points of view.

The future of the workforce

This year’s study reveals critical new findings around employer and employee concerns about the future of both business and career, including:

  • The continuing struggle to find qualified workers
  • The nature and impact of the skills gap
  • Pipelining tomorrow’s top employees and leaders
  • Decreasing employee loyalty and new retention risks
  • New generations entering the workforce

The full study also explores a wide range of topics impacting workers at every stage of the employment life cycle—from attracting and recruiting great employees to nurturing powerful brand advocates. The study also offers prescriptive guidance on how an organization can become a more emergent employer of choice.

Emerging Workforce Study - Previous Findings

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