The workforce is continually evolving, spurred by changes in technology, globalization, demographics, economics, culture, education, legislation, and more. For nearly 20 years, Spherion has been tracking the impact of these forces on the American workplace. What was the status quo for decades is long gone, as new generations usher in new ways of working. How to attract, engage, develop, and retain this new workforce to ensure growth is a challenge for employers, who can no longer rely strictly on the past as a guide to the future. Spherion’s Emerging Workforce Study, a landmark research initiative that provides a comprehensive portrait of the changes and trends shaping the American workforce, offers insights to help employers succeed today and prepare for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's workforce is already here 

This year’s study reflects the growing strength of a workforce confident in its ability to seek out the best opportunities for career development and job satisfaction. It showcases the policies and practices most likely to attract, engage, and retain top performers. It looks at key trends impacting the employment life cycle, new workplace priorities, the next-generation workforce, and the best practices of leading employers. It offers both observations and implications relating to: 

  • Skill gaps
  • The multi-generational workforce
  • Talent pipelining
  • Employer branding and reputation
  • Work/life balance 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Workplace collaboration
  • Training, career development, and coaching
  • Succession planning

With 19 years of rich data from almost a quarter of a million workers and thousands of employers, Spherion has uniquely deep insights into what is happening within the US workforce and the impact on employers. Through this continuous, in-depth study of America at work, Spherion delivers the intelligence organizations need to ensure a high-performance workforce.

Emerging Workforce Study - Previous Findings

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