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Why is Spherion Such a Great Business for Veterans?

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Elliott Henson Jr.

U.S. Army Veteran

Spherion Owner - Hobbs, NM


“During my eight years as a Ranger in the U.S. Army, I learned many different skills that prepared me to succeed as a Spherion franchise owner. The military trained me to lead, take initiative, think for myself, persistently pursue my goals, be determined and never quit. As a Ranger, you work with all kinds of people and personalities—and together—you must get the job done. The staffing industry is one and the same. That’s why Spherion is such a great fit for me.”




Larry L. Miller

U.S. Army Veteran

Spherion Owner - Lakeland, Naples, Ft. Myers, Leesburg, Ocala & Sarasota, FL


“As a former member of the Fire Direction Control for the Army Artillery, I learned a great deal of team training and leadership skills that have contributed to my success as a Spherion business owner. Stationed in a war zone, survival skills were crucial. In many ways, these skills translate to the business realm and the ability to thrive in different situations. I learned to keep it simple; don’t do anything rash; and work as a team to accomplish the goal.”




Thomas James Zaunbrecher     

U.S. Army National Guard Veteran

Spherion Owner – Alexandria, Baton Rouge & Lafayette, LA


“I spent six years in the Army National Guard as a Field Wireman and Chemical Specialist in a staff platoon supporting the 256th Infantry Brigade. During this time, I learned the importance of executing a plan and that by following a pattern of steps, I could be successful. The key to it all is persistence. These skills, combined with my desire to help other people achieve their goals, equipped me to succeed as a Spherion business owner.”




John Clarson

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Spherion Owner - Colorado Springs, CO


“I spent five years in the U.S. Air Force as a Communications Officer working in Federal Acquisitions. In this role, I was responsible for the procurement of hardware, software and contract services for the development of secret information systems in support of intelligence missions. My military training prepared me to effectively manage projects and systems, lead people, navigate uncertain situations, push through difficult times and embrace the good ones. These skills have been instrumental in my success as a Spherion franchise owner. I like being part of a business that enables me to contribute to the betterment of my community.”




Richard Kolleda

U.S. Navy Veteran

Spherion Owner - Port St. Lucie, FL 


“During my 20-year term in the U.S. Navy as a Commander, active Hospital Administrator and reserve roles in medical planning for the Marines and staff leadership, I gained many skills that prepared me to succeed as a Spherion franchise owner. The military reinforced my work ethic, attention to detail, promptness, planning and decision-making skills. It also taught me the importance of leading by example, setting the tone and taking care of your staff.”

You gave a lot to serve our country. We want to give something back!

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