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The military trained you for great things.
Are you ready to realize them?

A Business Built for Veterans

The discipline, training and leadership qualities that made you invaluable to our military are the same qualities that will make you a successful business owner. At Spherion, we are proud to support our military members and veterans. Your sacrifices have made our country strong and it’s because of you that we enjoy the freedom to follow our dreams.

The military is the perfect training for a Spherion franchise. If you’re a veteran contemplating the next step in your career, we would love to have you on our team. Many of our owners share your passion, commitment and service to our country. Hear firsthand from one of our franchise owners why Spherion was the best decision of his career.

See What Other Owners Say About Success with Spherion!

Join the Spherion Ranks

If you’ve dreamed of owning a business that would allow you to make a difference in the lives of others while earning a great income, Spherion is an ideal choice. We offer veterans some worthy incentives, including:

  • 25% discount off of our franchise license fee of $35,000, reducing the cost to $18,750
  • No charge for initial technology requirements—three PC’s, laptop, printer, scanner, hub & routing equipment—a $5,500 savings 
  • $1,000 worth of sales & marketing merchandise to help you successfully promote your business.


We’ve got a strategy for your success


For any mission to be successful, there must be a calculated strategy and a strong force of people behind you. That’s how we’ve structured our franchise program. You have the talent to take your business far, but you won’t go in it alone. You’ll have the hands-on support of key business leaders working alongside you to ensure every challenge is met with solutions that keep you moving forward. Plus, you’ll have the backing of the second largest workforce solutions company in the world offering you the guidance, resources and back-office support you need to succeed on every front.

You gave a lot to serve our country. We want to give something back!

Let Spherion make your dream of business ownership a reality. For more information, contact Bill Tasillo at 404.964.5508.

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