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Diana Schafer

Diana Schafer

My family and I live in Wisconsin and are extensive world travelers. When it came time to change careers, I needed something that would allow me to continue living the active lifestyle I enjoy. As a Spherion owner, I have a job with a lot of independence that gives me a well-rounded lifestyle. As part of a national corporation, all the resources I need are available to me, so I can focus on growing my business. Thanks to Spherion, I have the ability to take action when I feel it’s necessary.

Hear why I think it is a great business model.

Vicki Koon

Vicki Koon The Spherion name is recognized and highly respected for quality services. The benefit of being aligned with a world-class company that offers a strong, structured business model and an award-winning franchise support team is it allows owners to fast track the growth of their business.

Justin Kleemann

Justin Kleemann The ability to operate as a small business with large corporate backing gives us a substantial strategic advantage over competitors in our local market. Spherion gives us all of the tools necessary to price, promote and market our business in a successful fashion, while allowing us to make the final decisions on how to run it. After being in the business for ten years, I believe it is absolutely necessary to have access to the tools and people that Spherion provides. From HR advice and marketing programs, to unemployment and workers compensation, the support we receive from corporate is second to none. Knowing that we have strong corporate support behind our local brand has given us the comfort and confidence to go out and grow our business successfully.

Jill Berg

Jill Berg As a Spherion franchisee, I am able to customize creative solutions for my customers that meet their needs and drive my business success. The autonomy of local decision-making and independence in managing my business, coupled with the national support from Spherion, truly is a winning combination.