There has never been a better time in recent memory to pursue franchise ownership. About 78% of business brokers expect an increase in businesses for sale in 2022. Many seasoned franchise owners are ready to move on to their next professional chapter. Baby Boomers, many of whom delayed retirement because of the pandemic, are finally feeling confident about selling their businesses. At the same time, thanks to workers re-evaluating their professional paths and fueling the Great Resignation, there’s increased interest in buying businesses. More than 5 million entrepreneurs applied for business permits in 2021 alone! 

Business ownership can be intimidating, even with the added safety net that franchising offers. There are so many factors to consider when looking at a business opportunity, and the uncertainty can cause some would-be entrepreneurs to hesitate, even if it means giving up on a lifelong dream.

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In those cases, a franchise resale may be something to consider. A franchise resale is the sale or transfer of an existing franchise business to a new owner. You inherit existing client accounts and staff as well as the processes and supplies already in place that support daily operations. In other words, you pick up where the previous owner left off, often for a lower cost. So, for those worried that the support of a franchisor isn’t enough, a franchise resale is likely to offer the level of certainty they desire. 

Rather than going into business ownership alone, those who invest in staffing franchise opportunities have the benefit of buying into an established brand that operates with a proven business model. At Spherion, our franchisees are able to leverage more than 75 years of staffing and recruiting expertise when they join our community. We provide our franchise owners complete support when it comes to administrative processes, technology, marketing and more, taking the pressure off of you to establish these systems on your own. Even more, the peer support from other franchisees within our community is invaluable. Purchasing a franchise resale with Spherion offers a community of like-minded people to learn from, grow with and confide in.

There are also countless benefits to franchising through a resale. It’s a turnkey business, and because resales often cost less than establishing a location in a new market, you will be able to earn revenue much faster. As a resale candidate, you will enter into a business with an established client network, knowledgeable staff and existing awareness of the brand locally. But this isn’t to say you won’t have an opportunity to take your franchise resale in a new direction. 

James Green purchased Spherion’s Spokane location in March 2021. “I wanted to start off with a book of business from Day One,” he explained. “The office personnel already knew several clients in town. They were familiar with Spherion’s processes. Operating an established office location already known by candidates and clients made transitioning to franchise ownership smooth,” he continued.

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Low cost of entry and the opportunity to continue growing a business on the stable foundation of a great brand are just a few of the benefits to investing in a franchise resale. At Spherion, our resale opportunity offers the chance to invest in a business that is already successful, with room to grow. We offer resale candidates the same comprehensive onboarding support, including 80+ hours of training to prepare all of our franchisees for success.

Spherion is growing fast, and we have a few markets currently available for resale, including Butte, Montana and Palm Desert, California. Interested in owning a franchise resale? Connect with us today to learn more about franchising with Spherion.

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Dan Brunell
Dan Brunell

Dan Brunell

Regional Vice President of Franchise Development

Dan’s background as a senior executive in the staffing industry and founder of a top franchise brokerage equips him with more than 30 years of experience helping prospective franchisees succeed.