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  • Robert Baca

    1/29/2023 03:22 AM
    Very professional staffing Lisa Miranda was very helpful and professional she treated me very respectfully and help me get a job immediately. She checks in on me and makes sure I'm happy with the job and payday is always on time and I would highly recommend this place to all looking for employment
  • Andy Xaphichith

    1/31/2023 09:31 PM
    5/5 Lisa was very helpful. Applied one day and got a position in a warehouse the next day . Would definitely recommend this agency to a friend or family member 👍🏼 Thank you
  • barbara mabon

    1/29/2023 03:31 AM
    I went threw Lisa and she was the best of help I got hired on before my 3months great service and always quick to get you answer for anything HIGHLY recommend!
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Driving careers. Growing businesses. Bettering the Stockton community. That’s what we’ve been focused on since we opened our doors.

Our job is to match good, hard-working people with successful Stockton businesses who are helping our city grow and prosper. When you work with us, you’ll feel the Spherion difference - we take the time to build relationships with everyone who works with us, so we can really understand what you’re looking for.

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*Recognition has come from Entrepreneur, Forbes, the American Staffing Association, Word Staffing Association and FranchiseRankings.com. The Forbes rankings are based upon a survey of more than 31,000 recruiters and 6,900 job candidates and human resources managers who have worked with recruitment agencies, and do not reflect a direct endorsement by the publication of Spherion or any other professional recruiting firm.

**Spherion franchisees are independent business people and not employed by Spherion Staffing, LLC (“Spherion”) or any of its affiliates. Thus, each franchisee and each franchise location is unique and the franchisee alone is responsible for all employment matters in their location(s), including the terms and conditions of employment for their employees, such as pay rate, hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, staffing and scheduling. Thus, the job for which you apply will be in a location owned and operated by an independent franchisee, and not Spherion. This means the franchisee, not Spherion, is responsible for all employment matters in their location. If you are hired for the job, the franchisee will be your employer, not Spherion. To the extent you need assistance in completing forms or otherwise participating in a franchisee’s application process, please contact the franchise organization directly.