Three Months' Notice

The EWS found that workers are open to at least considering a significant career move. One in four employees plans to look for a new job sometime in the next three months, and more than one-third (35 percent) plan to do so sometime in the next year. While salary remains a primary influencer in career decisions, a host of workplace factors—including disconnects with employers on key retention drivers—have employees weighing their options.

Workers' primary reasons for looking for new career opportunities extend beyond financial motivation:


I am unhappy with my current salary


I am unhappy with the growth opportunities at my current employer


I don't feel valued at my current employer


I feel my skills are better suited for another position or industry

Significant disconnects surrounding primary retention drivers are further driving a wedge between employers and employees:

Employers' View

  1. Supervisor Relationship
  2. Financial Compensation
  3. Benefits
  4. Culture & Work Environment
  5. Growth & Earnings Potential
  6. Management Climate
  7. Time & Flexibility
  8. Training & Development

Employees' View

  1. Financial Compensation
  2. Benefits
  3. Growth & Earnings Potential
  4. Time & Flexibility
  5. Management Climate
  6. Culture & Work Environment
  7. Supervisor Relationship
  8. Training & Development
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