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Do you have a love of learning and sharing knowledge? Are you passionate about helping the next generation build a solid foundation? Do you like feeling like you’re part of something bigger? If so, then the higher education support services sector could be a perfect fit. Education doesn’t just mean jobs for teachers. There is a broad range of support jobs within post-secondary educational institutions available, ranging from office administration to cafeteria staff to career center aides and more. Colleges, universities, and technical schools are rely upon an extensive campus staff to provide a seamless learning experience for their students.

By working in education support services, you’ll help mold the school experience for young and seasoned adults, work for a cause that you believe in, and get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re contributing to something more.

From entry-level to seasoned professionals, Spherion places motivated people in a wide variety of higher education support services roles in flexible, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. Click to see our available positions. 

Average education support salaries

Because this is such a wide-ranging sector with numerous unique job titles, it’s hard to pinpoint exact salary information. Across the entire education support sector, the average annual salary is about $65,000, but this varies significantly. Teaching assistants for example can expect an average salary of $28,000, whereas an institution’s office manager can command $95,000. Office clerks and janitorial staff may average $35,000, and cafeteria workers see an average of $21,000. 

Those with special skills—such as fluency in another language, certain certifications, or deep experience in a given field—may be offered higher salaries.

If you’re interested in seeing recent salary information for the kind of customer service and call center jobs you can find in your area, reach out to your local Spherion office. They can provide you with a salary guide that’s tailored to your city, town, or region, so you know exactly what kind of salary you can expect when you’re applying for a position.

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