About engineering & manufacturing jobs

Do you have a love of tinkering and seeing how things work? Are you the person that your friends and family turn to when something needs to be fixed? Do you find yourself focusing on how the world around you could be made better—either through new ideas or by making things run more smoothly? If so, you could be a great fit for engineering or manufacturing! Those who work in engineering and manufacturing jobs have big ideas, an attention to detail, and a drive to improve how the world around them functions. 

From entry-level to seasoned professionals, Spherion places hard-working people in a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing jobs in flexible, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. Click to see our available positions. 

Within the realm of engineering, there are four areas that Spherion commonly staffs:

  • Electrical engineering: Electrical engineers design and test electrical systems, machinery, and devices.  
  • Civil engineering: These individuals design highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, and other pieces of essential infrastructure. They’re typically also involved in the construction process, as well as regular maintenance and inspection.  
  • Computer engineering: These individuals design computer systems, hardware, and networks. Within this space, software engineering involves the development of apps, software, and platforms
  • Mechanical engineering: Mechanical engineers design and collaborate on the manufacturing of machinery and equipment.

Meanwhile, those in manufacturing jobs take those designs and turn them into real products. They typically work in plants, factories, or mills, where they rely on power-driven machines and equipment to help them fabricate products. Compared to engineers, those in manufacturing jobs spend more of their workday on their feet—rather than at a desk—and may need to be able to comfortably move around to multiple machines to perform their job. They should also be able to lift at least 25 pounds, as much of the equipment they use is bulky. As far as working hours go, this will depend on your employer. Some plants may be open from 9-5, and your schedule will always be during normal business hours; other factories may run for extended hours or even up to 24 hours a day. In these instances, you can expect full-time hours with assigned shifts.

Average engineering & manufacturing salaries

Depending on your job title, location, industry, and the number of years of experience you have, the salary range for engineering and manufacturing jobs can vary widely. That said, there is high demand for engineers and manufacturing employees across the country, and salaries tend to reflect this. 

Most engineers can expect to see salaries that are relatively high, with an average annual wage of $79,840 in May 2021. Managerial roles such as engineering manager and plant manager can have salaries that climb as high as $120,000 in the right markets. In addition, those with prior experience in a given industry or role can command higher salaries, as can those with additional engineering certifications. 

Those in manufacturing jobs may be paid hourly, with an average annual wage of $37,710 in May 2021. Similarly, managerial positions can garner higher salaries, and special machinery certifications can help boost your compensation as well. Those who work on more complicated machines get higher paychecks, as do those who work on more specialized machines in particular fields—such as the medical field.

If you’re interested in seeing recent salary information for the kind of engineering and manufacturing jobs you can find in your area, reach out to your local Spherion office. They can provide you with a salary guide that’s tailored to your city, town, or region, so you know exactly what kind of salary you can expect when you’re applying for a position.


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