About sales and marketing jobs

Do you enjoy making new connections, both inside and outside the workplace? Do you prefer activities that let you express your natural creativity? Do you delight in crafting the perfect letter or art project? If so, then you might be a great fit for a sales or marketing position! A job in sales or marketing allows you to flex your creative thinking and interpersonal skills to help companies build brands and successfully market their products or services. 

From entry-level to seasoned professionals, Spherion places hard-working people in a wide variety of sales and marketing jobs in flexible, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. Click to see our available positions. 

Meanwhile, marketing jobs cover a broader range of focus areas, like graphic design, copywriting, web development, product marketing, animation, and more. As such, it’s a bit more challenging to pinpoint what exactly you would be working on, but some common tasks include planning and developing marketing campaigns, creating marketing collateral, coordinating marketing events, and conducting analysis and reporting to measure success.

Average sales and marketing salaries

In general, sales and marketing jobs pay well. Marketing salaries tend to start at around $37,000 for those without prior experience. Roles like copywriter, marketing coordinator, marketing analyst, or junior designer would receive salaries in this range. As you progress in the marketing world, you may find yourself managing others, or you may take on more of the creative direction and client relationship work. For these more advanced roles, like marketing manager or other manager roles, salaries can exceed $100,000.

Sales salaries are often based on commission, so you’ll often see a “base” salary listed, which excludes any possible commissions you would make. Base sales salaries start around $40,000 but can reach $100,000 depending on the industry you work in and your experience. Those who are less experienced or who work in industries like manufacturing and warehousing may earn lower salaries, while more experienced sales professionals in IT, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals can earn base salaries at the upper end of this range. 

If you’re interested in seeing recent salary information for sales and marketing jobs near you, reach out to your local Spherion office. They can provide you with a salary guide that’s tailored to your city, town, or region, so you know exactly what kind of salary you can expect when you’re applying for a position.

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