Knowledge is Power

How is the Emerging Workforce Study creating value for employers? It is shining the light on every part of the employment life cycle and equipping companies with the knowledge they need to build a highly skilled, diverse and engaged workforce.

Looking at the workforce through the lens of their unique views, generational preferences and values, the Study asks pointed questions to workers and employers that uncover key drivers of their employment decisions and hiring practices—and the disconnects that divide them.

Their answers are invaluable to the effectiveness of your HR strategy. They change everything.

They change the way companies:

  • Attract & recruit talent
  • Manage across multiple generations
  • Cultivate work/life balance 
  • Structure retention programs
  • Recognize & reward employees
  • Build & promote their company brand
  • Engage employees in their mission
  • Groom employees for growth
  • Plan for talent succession


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